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Future trade shows and Exhibitions:

10-01-2022 10-02-2022 Exposition Saint Martin d’URY Salle Yvonne Garnier, 5, Place du Général de Gaulle URY France
12-01-2022 12-03-2022 Pop Up Art Train / Expo metro Miami  Art Basel Miami MIAMI U.S.A
02-14-2023    02-19-2023 Art Capital-Grand Palais éphémère Champ-de-mars, 75007  PARIS France


The last Exhibitions:



Point de vue /point of view
Exhibited in Expo metro June 2022 Los Angeles                           Point de vue,   2020 ©all rights reserved.
              Prices on request depending on size.
Expo Metro L.A
See the video on: https://youtu.be/O9d6aSBB9mQ
#expometroNYC #NFT #NFTCommunity.
La photo numérique de Cache-cache/Hide and Seek se trouve sur l’affiche collective Expo Metro de NYC du 13 au 18 décembre 2021.
Croisement de Greenwich et Clarkson Street.
#expometroNYC #NFT #NFTCommunity.         New York – Expo Metro









Berlin-Germany: Poster 18 Berlin : 10 p’tits gars du Camouflage

Zoologischer Garten (Line U9) et Mehringdamm (Line U6 and U7)

Expo metro Berlin oct 2020

Expometro Paris Opéra – La Fayette

The poster can be bought here :  : https://www.artquid.com/artwork/772177/29220/affiche-n-4-expo-metro-paris-opera-mai-2020.html

Expo metro Opera 2020




In this exhibition, the artist would show the beauty of the different minorities. Specifically here , she has exposed a work from her collection ” Proud to belong”. By this way, she would demonstrate that the identity is really powerful. The objective for her is to question people about how we could deal with the different cultures we have on the occidental world.

Galerie Artes , 11 rue Fréderic Sauton Paris 05,
Exposition décembre 2018.
Galerie Artes , 11 rue Fréderic Sauton Paris 05, Exposition décembre 2018.
Exposition 2018