Glass squares

The reflections in glass panes have always fascinated humans since the invention of this transparent and fragile material. These play of lights captivate our imagination, taking us into a world where reality blends with illusion.

Reflections in glass panes result from a complex interaction between light, the glass surface, and the objects around it. Glass, as a transparent material, allows light to pass through it, but it also reflects some of it. When light strikes the surface of the glass, it splits into multiple rays, each traveling in a different direction. Some of these rays bounce off objects outside the glass, creating visible reflections from the inside.

These reflections are often distorted and broken into a multitude of colors, creating a breathtaking visual spectacle. This is due to the dispersion of light, a phenomenon that separates white light into its various wavelengths, producing a rainbow of shimmering hues. It is this dispersion that gives reflections their unique and magical character.

Beyond their aesthetic beauty, reflections in glass panes also hold deep symbolic meaning. They are often associated with the duality of reality and illusion. Reflections remind us that what we see is not always what is real. They invite us to question our perception of the world around us and consider that truth can sometimes be distorted by our own filters and biases.




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