The beginning of the artist

The artist Laurie Cartoon realized her first creations in the 90’s.  These creations were unified in the common theme called “vaporous”. The artist has lived a while in the North of France, and she discovered at that time the fog of the North Sea. Therefore, this collection was a direct reference to that landscape.

To make that collection, the artist used mainly ink on paper in order to create some abstract forms.  That technique of painting helped to get unexpectedly shapes. However,  the artist used also a specific technique learnt at the university of art, which consisted to bring a figurative look to the paintings.

In order to get that vaporous aspect, the artist created these paintings colorful and made subjectives lines.  That contrast between lines and colors is a particular legacy from Laurie Cartoon. Indeed, the artist is  traditionally a colorist and has great interest in abstract paintings.

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